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How we're keeping you safe

We're taking a number of steps to ensure that Santi remains a safe environment for both our customers and staff, as we transition back toward dine-in service.
Promoting social distancing


  • We've closed a large number tables in the restaurant and, weather permitting, will be encouraging outdoor dining in the sun, where tables are spaced generously.

  • We're providing signage to remind guests of the need to social distance and not to wait in selected 'pinch points' within the restaurant - including by the entrance, toilets and kitchen.

  • All tables in use are over 1 metre from others in use and will be spacing out customers as much as possible thanks to the large size of the restaurant.

  • Our staff will be conscious of remaining at least 1 metre from your table except from when serving or clearing, which they will do wearing a mask, and minimising the number of visits while still maintaining expected levels of service.

  • We're continuing to require delivery drivers and "click and collect" orders to collect from the dedicated area outside the restaurant - the area of the restaurant in front of the pizzeria at the moment is dedicated for handling take away logistics as we transition back toward dine-in service.

Enhanced cleaning regime

  • We've stepped up our cleaning regime throughout the restaurant with increased frequency of checks, and will be sanitising and disinfecting all tables between customers, in addition to regularly cleaning all contact points including tills, card machines, etc.

  • All menus will be fully sanitised between customers.

  • We're providing hand sanitiser at the entrance to the restaurant in addition to anti-bacterial handwash in the bathrooms.

  • Our staff will also be wearing face coverings during service and we request that customers do the same when not seated.

  • We are strongly encouraging card payment - contactless where possible - to prevent the handling of cash.

  • We'll be ensuring that our air circulation system remains active during service to ensure good air flow, removing potentially contaminated air and replacing it with fresh air from outside.

What we ask of our customers


  • To help us anticipate demand and seat you appropriately in the restaurant, please book a table in advance. We may be able to accommodate you at the door, however given the reduction in capacity brought about by social distancing, we recommend booking to avoid disappointment.

  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival at the restaurant, and wash your hands thoroughly after visiting the bathrooms.

  • Please wear a face covering whenever you're not seated at your table.

  • Please don't leave your table unnecesarily, such as to pay or order - our waiting staff will come to you.

  • Please do not come to the restaurant if you are unwell - especially if you have any symptoms of the virus, have been in contact with a known case of the virus in the last 14 days, or are required to quarantine. Please see NHS guidance in this regard at

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